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20 жыл Өндіріс тәжірибесі

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  • Placement and maintenance of woven bags

    The products of plastic woven bag factory can be used in many industries. In order to ensure the quality of products, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Now let’s carefully understand the introduction of this knowledge, shall we?   Plastic woven bag production materials are...
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  • The solution to the aging problem of woven bags!

    In the natural environment, that is, under direct sunlight, its intensity decreases by 25% after one week, and by 40% after two weeks, and it is basically unusable. That is to say, the storage of woven bags is very important. In addition, after the woven bag is placed in the open environment and ...
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  • Pay attention when buying woven bags

    Select normal manufacturer: some large-scale public praise good woven bag factory in the production of woven bag quality is very good, production technology and production process is very strict, standard system and production requirements, inspection is a very high standard, strict, and normal m...
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  • [Types of woven bags]

    Foreign production is mainly polyethylene (PE), domestic production is mainly polypropylene (PP), is a kind of thermoplastic resin produced by ethylene polymerization. Industrially, it also includes copolymers of ethylene with small amounts of -olefin. Polyethylene odorless, non-toxic, feel like ...
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  • How to prevent the aging of woven bags

    If the external conditions such as sunshine are added to the raw materials, how will shandong plastic woven bags age and prevent aging? The manufacturer of the woven bag will tell you what the answer is.   Woven bag we attach great importance to, shall be given to the aging problem is mainly...
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  • Manufacturer’s reminder: matters needing attention in the handling and transportation of woven bags

                                          Matters needing attention in the handling and transportation of woven bags 1. Do not stand under the container bag in the lifting operation. 2. Please hang the lif...
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  • Arrangement and maintenance of woven bags

    The use of plastic woven bags advantages and functions are more and more widely known, in many of the production of color printing shopping bags and a lot of consumption at the same time, plastic woven bags of the usual brief maintenance, the placement of taboo also needs to understand, such as A...
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  • The use of woven bags should pay attention to the problem

    Woven bags are very common in daily life, which brings us endless convenience. In fact, woven bags can be reused many times, but the utilization rate of woven bags drops due to improper operation. Here are a few ways to improve the efficiency of woven bags.   Avoid the rain   Woven bags...
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  • Plastic woven bag placement and maintenance

    The advantages and performance of plastic woven bags are more and more widely known, in the mass production and consumption at the same time, the simple maintenance of woven bags at ordinary times, place taboos also need to understand, how to reduce the aging of woven bags to a certain extent, ex...
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  • The types and application scope of woven bags

    The types and application scope of woven bags

    Many customers through our website to telephone to consult the kind of woven bag and application range, that today dongle woven bag xiaobian to explain the kind of woven bag and application range. Knitted bags are also known as snakeskin bags. It’s a plastic, mainly used for packaging. Its ...
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  • Reasons of waste products in the production of woven bags

    Linyi woven bag wholesale manufacturers in the production process, reduce the coating ring defective and waste methods should first put every detail of the operation back to the original place. The coating speed is usually relatively fast, which part of the fake fruit is not in place, a careless ...
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  • Donglian import and export manufacturers tell you the quality inspection standards and requirements of plastic woven bags

                            After the completion of the production of plastic woven bags factory are required to pass the quality inspection, inspection qualified before circulation in the market. For us consumers, only by ensuring the quality of the products can we ensure the safety and reliability ...
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