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Arrangement and maintenance of woven bags

The use of plastic woven bags advantages and functions are more and more widely known, in many of the production of color printing shopping bags and a lot of consumption at the same time, plastic woven bags of the usual brief maintenance, the placement of taboo also needs to understand, such as Ann must reduce the aging of plastic woven bags, extend the use of life?

The plastic woven bag is mainly composed of polypropylene bag and polyethylene bag. According to the sewing method is divided into sewing bottom bag, sewing edge color printing non-woven bag bottom bag. Now widely used in express packaging, fertilizer, cement, rice, chemical products and other articles of a packaging materials.

To evaluate the anti-aging function of plastic woven bag, it can be measured by artificial accelerated aging experiment and weather resistance test in color printing woven bag factory.

Artificial accelerated aging experiment is to place the plastic woven bag sample in the experimental equipment, and it can be subjected to the effects of light, oxygen, heat and humidity at the same time or in place. Under such conditions, the primary environmental parameters can be relatively stable and simple, so the obtained data can have excellent repeatability.

According to the above ultraviolet accelerated aging after the detection of qualified products, in the actual use of the environment, the anti-aging effect will be different, especially in the case of the increase of the filling material hindered amine photosensitive agent, its anti-aging effect is not stable.

Although the field exposure experiment of woven bags takes a long time and requires a large investment of manpower and financial resources, the experimental data obtained basically meet the practical application requirements and can be used for the anti-aging quality assessment and anti-aging effect monitoring of woven bags. In daily application of woven bags, the ambient temperature, humidity, light and other external conditions directly affect the service life of woven bags. Especially in outdoor placement, the invasion of rain, direct sunlight, wind, insects, ants and mice will accelerate the destruction of the pulling force quality of woven bags. Flood fighting and flood control bags, coal bags placed in the open air, etc., should consider the anti-ULTRAVIOLET anti-oxidation ability of woven bags themselves.

General woven bags used by families or workers and farmers should be placed indoors where there is no direct sunlight, no boredom, and no pests, ants and mice. Insolation is strictly prohibited.


Post time: Aug-05-2020