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Reasons of waste products in the production of woven bags

Linyi woven bag wholesale manufacturers in the production process, reduce the coating ring defective and waste methods should first put every detail of the operation back to the original place.

The coating speed is usually relatively fast, which part of the fake fruit is not in place, a careless will accumulate a lot of waste. Therefore, to reduce defective and waste products, we must first understand the main reasons for the manufacture of defective and waste products. The coating adjusts the film, inherits the new cloth, and then starts the coating. At this point, barrel temperature, screw speed, convex pressure and cooling roller surface temperature all aspects are not fully balanced and stable. The speed is getting faster and faster, and the amount of extrusion is gradually changing. The first volume must be coated hard enough. Second, due to changes in coating materials, specifications, paint proportion, climate change and so on. Adjusting temperature parameters can also lead to fluctuations in coating quality. The circular woven lotus leaf cloth, the cloth with long storage time, the different degree of expansion and too low flatness of the substrate surface have a great impact on the quality of the coating, thus forming defective products.

Tension controller failure, film edge bonding roller, film edge damaged film, diaphragm forking. In addition, there are also fair reasons to complete the finished two tendons, or remove the film, leakage coating, or product replacement specifications, circular fabric waste film, color film intermittent joint, printing film layout ink and so on can cause woven bag waste.


Post time: Jun-24-2020