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The second enterprise development and innovation

21th Jan, 2019, we were invited to attend the The second enterprise development and innovation to discuss the future strategy at developing economy.

Our General manager Jack Li shared his ideas about where the pp woven packaging industry will go and how he will lead us to move on at next 5 years; He said the only way to survive in the fierce competition is to make new products to adapt to the development of the global economy and have to do it environmentally So we have to research new ways to do revolution at the packing field, find new environmental material to produce pp woven bags and already there are some enterprises that has made great progress. Hope the packaging field will enter into new times;

Enterprise innovation and development BBS aims to create a platform for private enterprises to discuss together. Facing the new environment, new opportunities and new challenges are coming in the new economic era.

Mr. Cheng pengfei said that the thinking of innovative design can help the development of social innovation. If innovation is a long way to go, we need the power of the platform. The road to success for enterprises in the future is to fully explore the effective use of resources, quickly perceive market changes and customer needs, so as to create corresponding products and services. Innovation is accelerated and clever borrow big platform, can achieve the rapid development of the enterprise.


Post time: Jan-21-2019