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The solution to the aging problem of woven bags!

In the natural environment, that is, under direct sunlight, its intensity decreases by 25% after one week, and by 40% after two weeks, and it is basically unusable. That is to say, the storage of woven bags is very important. In addition, after the woven bag is placed in the open environment and exposed to direct sunlight, the strength will drop sharply; In the process of storage and transportation, if the temperature is too high or there is rain, its strength will decrease, so that the quality requirements of protecting the contents cannot be met.


Transport storage condition is very important, woven bag bag should be kept in a cool and clean indoor storage, transport should avoid weathered, should not be close to the heat source, storage period shall not exceed 18 months, 18 months woven bags might actually aging, so should shorten the period of validity of the woven bag packing, should be appropriate for 12 months.


In order to ensure the quality of the packaging bags, the aging of plastic woven bags should be paid great attention to. To this end, China’s building materials industry authorities have been required to make bags of raw materials are not allowed to have raw materials, return materials, the amount of filling material should be strictly limited in not more than 5%, at the same time to strictly control the film temperature, to avoid the process problems caused by accelerated aging problem. Excessive addition of recycled materials is also one of the reasons for the aging of plastic woven bags.


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Post time: Nov-09-2020