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Woven bags are widely used in industry and agriculture

Industry and agriculture are plastic woven bags widely used in the two industries, is a large amount of plastic woven bags. Linyi woven bag factory products are the main sales areas of these two aspects. Today we will discuss the wide application of woven bags in these two industries.

Agriculture: mainly used for salt, sugar, cotton, rice, vegetables and other agricultural products packaging. In the packaging of agricultural products, it has been widely used in aquatic product packaging, poultry feed packaging, covering materials for farms, sunshade, windproof, hail proof shed and other materials for crop planting.

The main application in industry is cement packaging. Resources due to the products and price, our country each year, 6 billion woven bag is used for cement packaging, stand more than 85% of the bulk cement packaging, with the development and application of flexible container bags, plastic woven bags are widely used in maritime, transportation, packaging industry products, chemical fertilizers, synthetic resin, such as ore are using plastic bags.

Whether in agriculture or in industry, plastic woven bags are very useful. So you can refer to the knowledge in the article to use, at the same time according to their own actual situation to operate, only in this way, to play the work effect.


Post time: Mar-30-2021