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How to prevent the aging of woven bags

If the external conditions such as sunshine are added to the raw materials, how will shandong plastic woven bags age and prevent aging? The manufacturer of the woven bag will tell you what the answer is.


Woven bag we attach great importance to, shall be given to the aging problem is mainly plastic woven bag, rice bag, putty powder bag, chemical bag, fertilizers, woven bag, cement bag, food bag, flour sacks, feed woven bags, woven bags of goods, logistics, it is mainly used for woven bags, moisture-proof bag for all kinds of products such as packaging and packaging, has been widely used in industry.


1. In the natural environment, that is, under direct sunlight, the strength of plastic woven bags decreased by 25 percent after one week and 40 percent after two weeks, and they were basically unusable.


2. After the cement is put into the woven bag, when it is exposed to direct sunlight in the outdoor environment, its strength drops sharply.


3. When the temperature of woven bags drops during storage and transportation or in rainy days, the strength cannot meet the quality requirements of content protection.


4. Adding too many recyclable materials is one of the reasons for the aging of plastic bags.


Post time: Sep-15-2020