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Pay attention when buying woven bags

Select normal manufacturer: some large-scale public praise good woven bag factory in the production of woven bag quality is very good, production technology and production process is very strict, standard system and production requirements, inspection is a very high standard, strict, and normal manufacturer production of woven bag also can ensure the quality of health standards, at the same time is also very convenient and safe in use process

Secondary utilization of scrap bag: as the bag can be repeated recycling, there are a lot of used a woven bag is in good condition, so can the second selling at a lower price, although it is completely can use, but in the choice to buy when must not buy chemicals woven bag, if before use this bag is chemicals, so it is easy to cause some residual powder residue chemicals in the clearance of woven bag is not easy to remove, to packaging items again likely to cause harm.

All the test indicators should meet the standards: no matter in sanitation and environmental protection, or drop heat test, or the process of packaging and transportation, these standards should meet the national data, only under such an environment production and inspection of qualified woven bags can meet the standards, meet the daily use of people’s requirements.

Don’t choose the price is too low: woven bag in the process of selling is a standard price, if the purchase quantity is particularly large or long-term cooperation, will be a little a little discount, such as to meet the prices are quite cheap publicity manufacturer, it must be cut corners is so cheap, don’t covet profits but fall for it, otherwise you will regret.


Post time: Oct-21-2020