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Why are woven bags so bright?

Many customers through our website to telephone advice woven bags why so bright? The original is to add this, then today Donglai woven bag Xiaobian to explain why the woven bag is so bright? I added this.


Woven bags are widely used in all walks of life. They come in a variety of colors, white, transparent and colorful. These woven bags can be used in industry and agriculture.

Things like cement, rice and so on will use what we call woven bags, and today I’m going to take you a little bit more on transparent woven bags. Why do some manufacturers produce transparent and bright woven bags while others are not ideal?

Many woven bag manufacturers want to make them transparent and bright, but they are always unsatisfactory and have problems with fogging and yellowing.

This is due to the lack of special additive RQT-TS-2 in woven bag production. Some customers say they are made of new materials and don’t need to add anything. This is a very wrong view.

Peers are using it. You never added it. You can imagine how far behind they are. They have been using better additives to make woven bags. You should know why the woven bags made by your peers are sparkling again.

Today is an era of constant pursuit of progress and innovation. If everyone else is innovating and improving and you are still primitive, sooner or later you will be squeezed out of the market.

Woven bag wire drawing process, some wire drawing will have fog, transparency will be greatly reduced.

Then use this transparent bag agent RQT-TS-2, this plastic special transparent agent, especially in the transparent woven bag, the transparent effect is better, the effect can completely replace the traditional plastic transparent agent on the market.

Zhang in guangdong makes woven bags. Recently, he received a large order for mass production of transparent woven bags.

But, as a result of the high requirement of the customer, in order to achieve transparent effect, and oneself is not transparent or not bright enough, there is a foggy feeling.

Zhang didn’t want to give up such a big order, but the products he produced couldn’t meet the customer’s requirements. Zhang started looking online for a transparent agent for the woven bags. Suddenly, a transparent agent attracted him. It is RQT – TS – 2.

This product is a special transparent agent for plastic products, suitable for large types of plastic products, especially transparent plastic woven bags, the effect is more obvious.

RQT-TS-2 transparent agent for white powder, has good dispersion, small migration, light resistance, heat resistance, not only for plastic woven bags with transparency and defogging effect, but also has a certain brightening effect, just to meet the requirements of the general customer Zhang.

After learning all the features of the product, Mr. Zhang picked up a bucket and returned to proofing production. The results were immediately fed back to his customers. The customer was so satisfied that Mr. Zhang was able to mass produce according to this standard.

Through the introduction of this transparent agent, I believe we all have a deeper understanding, it solves the problem of transparency of many transparent woven bag customers, but also made a good evaluation of this product.

If you have such a problem to solve, it will have satisfactory results, trust us, trust the power of the profession.


The above is small make up for you to sort out about the woven bag why so bright? It turned out to be added to the relevant consultation, through the sharing of this content, why is the woven bag so bright? The original is to add this has a certain understanding, if you want to have a more in-depth understanding of the woven bag market information, you can contact our company’s salesman, or to the East woven bag field visit, to discuss and exchange.

Post time: Feb-20-2021